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The Art of Fencing has developed over centuries, from the use of swords and other bladed weapons on the battlefield to lighter one-handed weapons used in one-to-one combat and duelling. This has evolved into the modern Olympic sport of Fencing practiced around the world today. Follow one of the links below for even more information.

Fencing is, of course, a combat sport but the use of protective clothing, and adherence to safety rules, makes it safe for fencers of all ages and standards.

We’ve got lots of kit so beginners need only bring suitable footwear and legwear, for instance non-marking trainers and tracksuit bottoms.

Our meetings, held at Patchway Community Centre most Fridays, begin at about 7:30 and finish around 9:30. See map for directions. There are odd occasions when we don’t have a meeting, so do check the News page for up to date information.

The weapons we use are Foil, Epee, and Sabre. Shaun Garley, our coach, has experience at international level and currently teaches fencing at a number of schools in Gloucestershire, as well as coaching at several clubs.

Contact Us: If you have any queries do send an email to

Other Links:

Shaun Garley – Our coach’s website provides general information about fencing and has links to local and regional fencing organisations

South West Fencing – our region’s website

British Fencing Association – Lots of information about fencing in this country and has links to England Fencing, international organisations, and kit suppliers.



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